Effect Of Reinforcing Factor To Perspective of the Nursing Mothers Against Breastfeeding Exclusive In Genuk’s Primary Health Care

  • Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang
  • Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang
Keywords: Reinforcing Factor, Exclusive breastfeeding


The result of Indonesian Demographic Health Survey (SDKI) Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) from 2007 to 2012 decreased by 32/1000 live births. But not achieve yet the MDGs target by 2015 amounted 23/1000 live births. In order to reduce morbidity and mortality of children, UNICEF and WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding program. Data from Genuk Health Center Semarang City about the scope of exclusive breastfeeding in 2014 as much as 29.43% is still far from the target (55%). The purpose of this research to determine the effect of reinforcing factors in perspective breastfeeding mothers to exclusive breastfeeding in the Genuk Health Center.This research is a quantitative research using research design correlation with cross sectional approach. The population in this study are breastfeeding mothers at Genuk Health Center, Semarang. Samples are 63 respondents breastfeeding mother with a sampling technique using total sampling. The result showed that good husband support is 37 respondents (60,6%), good midwife support is 31 respondents (50,8%) ,public figure support is 31 respondents (50,8%), good partner supportis 35 respondents (57,4%) in the exclusive breastfeeding. Bivariate test showed there is no relationship between a husband (p value = 0.295), midwife (p value = 0.6), friend (p value = 0.184) with exclusive breastfeeding. There is a relationship between public figure (p value = 0.008) and the fourth reinforcing (p value = 0.034) with exclusive breastfeeding. Multivariate analysis showed that the public figure have the most powerful influence on exclusive breastfeeding. From the results of this research are expected by the several reinforcing factors be the way to increase milk production for mothers, to improve the achievement of exclusive breastfeeding and data sources for further development of midwifery research.