The Influence Of Zilgrei Method On Anxiety Of Primigravida Mother In Second Stage Labor

  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
Keywords: anxiety, labor, Zilgrei method


Laboring is a nature phenomenon. It can cause physical and psychological changes. In Indonesia coverage of labor is quite high. If it is not manage properly can cause maternal and child mortalities. The cause of maternal mortality is caused by direct and indirect causes. One of the indirect factors causes is psychological condition of mother at the time of laboring, who are unprepared for labor will experience anxiety. Some of distraction technique have been effective to reduce anxiety. Zilgrei method is one of distraction technique on labor, but not yet implemented in reducing anxiety. This study was aimed to analyze the influence of Zilgrei methode over anxiety primigravida mother in second stage of labor. This study is analitic wih static group comparison/ post test onlycontrol design, number of respondents were 40 respondents, they were 20 respondents of intervention group and 20 respondents of no intervention group. Bivariate analysis showed that Zilgrei method and anxiety on labor is not significantly correlated with mean difference -2,50 and significancy value 0,416 (P <0.005). This is maybe to be related with timing of the application of the zilgrei method. In the other study can be applied from one stage in labor. A combination of methods can be tried in other studies.