Relationship of Eating Habits with Occurrence of Eating Disorders in Pre-School Children in Islamic Education Foundation Riyadol Mahirin Cimahi

  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
Keywords: Eating disorder, eating habit, pre-school childern


Growth and development of children are influenced by several factors both internal and external. One of the external factor is the nutrition consumed by the child. Toddler age is the critical age in which a child will grow rapidly both physically and mentally. This time child need nutrients that can help the growth and development of body and brain. As a parent would often have trouble the children eating difficulties, even when eating time is becoming "War" between children and parents. This study aims to determine the relationship of eating habits with the occurrence of eating disorders In Pre-School Age Children in Islamic Education Foundation Riyadol Mahirin Cimahi. The study design used cross sectional, data collection techniques using a questionnaire with a total sampling of 30 people. The results showed almost all 86.7% of respondents have a habit of enjoying certain types of food and 26.7% respondents experience eating disorders. Statistically showed there is no significant relationship between eating habits with eating disorders. It suggested parent are always providing a pleasant environment while eating time, make a variety of healthy food to be brought lunch to school.