The Correlation of Stress Level with Hypertension Prevalence on Hypertension Clients at Leuwigajah South Cimahi Community Health Center in 2014

  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
Keywords: Cross Sectional, hypertension, stress level


The research background is hypertension prevalence is a degenerative disease which prevalence rate is high enough in all over the world and In Indonesia especially. Hypertension is a someone condition has blood pressure experiences above the normal that causes the morbidity and mortality rates. The 140/90 mmHg blood pressure based on 2 phase in every pulse rate is systolic phase 140 stated blood pulse which pumped by heart and 90 diastolic phase stated that blood return to the heart. From the assessment was obtained at Leuwigajah south Cimahi Community Health Center that hypertension prevalence has increased in 2011 - 2013. The research aims to identify the correlation of stress level with hypertension prevalence on hypertension clients at Leuwigajah Community Health Center. The research method used descriptive with correlational design and cross sectional study approach. The research samples were as many as 90 respondents with samples collecting used accidental sampling technique. Data were obtained by using univariate analysis with percentage and bivariate by using chi- square statistic test with the p value 0,05. Based on research result analysis was obtained that there is correlation between stress level with hypertension prevalence with p value p (0,001) < α (0,05). The research results are hoped that for Community Health Center is able to focus on hypertension risk factor especially stress level and more give attention to communities about the hypertension risk factors through the preventive and promotive efforts without ignore the curative and rehabilitation to communities at area work of leuwigajah South Cimahi Community Health center.