The Effect Inayah Outpatient Nursing Care (IONC) Model on Self Care and Client Satisfaction in Outpatient General Hospital

  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
  • Universitas Indonesia
  • Universitas Indonesia
  • Universitas Indonesia
Keywords: IONC models, self care, satisfaction


Application of nursing care in outpatient general hospital is not optimal. Problems found are clients still do not have the ability to self-care, have not been satisfied with the nursing care, and no information on selfcare. This study aimed to identify the effect of Inayah outpatient nursing care (IONC) models against selfcare and client satisfaction in outpatient public hospital. This study uses a quantitative method with quasiexperimental design and analysis of test-T, multiple linear regression and R Square to assess the suitability Fit Model. Interventions conducted on 9 nurses in medical- surgical outpatient trained to use the model, after the nurse implements at 1000 client as the intervention group and the control group of 1000 clients in outpatient. The results showed an increase in the ability of self-care and client satisfaction were significantly higher than those who did not. The most influential factor is the implementation IONC model, and the model proved to be fit. Model IONC should take place in a outpatient general hospital.