The Influence of Group Guidance using Home Room Technique on Anxiety Level of Young Women Who Confonted by Menacrhe Grade IV, V, in Aisyiah Islamic Center Elementary School Cianjur

  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
Keywords: Anxiety, home room, menarche


Generally, the anxiety will give the bad impacts to young women if the problem is not solved immadiately. This research aims to find out the influence of group guidance using home room technique on anxiety level of young women who confront menarche grade IV,V in Aisyiyah Islamic Centre Elmentary School Cianjur. This research uses quasi-experimental method which uses one group pre test-post test design. The sample of this research is young women who confronts menarche grade IV and V. The level of anxiety consists of low, middle, and high. The number of respondent that is taken by using purposive sampling is 20. Univariat analyis uses mean and bivariat analysis uses t-dependent test. The result of the research is the score average hassignificant diverification based on before and after intervention of group guidance using home room technique. The value is Pvalue= 0,0001 <α (α = 0,05). It means there is a significant influence young women who confront menarche in Aisyiyah Islamic Centre Elementary School Cianjur. Theoritically and practically , this research is significant for all of educator in Aisyiah Islamic centre Elementary School Cianjur. Hopefully, all of educator in Aisyiyah Islamic centre Elementary School Cianjur will implement the group leading using home room technique to build students‘ comprehension about menarche.