Factors Related to Microbiology Air Quality in Around The Landfill Piyungan Situmulyo Regency of Bantul DIY Province

  • University of Esa Unggul
  • Universitas Gadjah Mada
Keywords: Number of bacteria, number of fungi, physical quality of the house


Final Waste Disposal has very important functions. It has impacts on environment quality decrease due to midden. It results various pollutant which causes air pollution as well as human health. The midden as vector place, also as place for microorganism, such as fungi and bacteria, they can be easily spread to the air. This research is to find out the factors related to biological quality of the air in the houses around Piyungan. Final Waste Disposal in Situmulyo Subdistrict. This Research uses analytical descriptive survey method with cross-sectional. Based on the results of bivariate analysis, it is shown that there is significant correlation between temperature (p = 0.061; coefficient = 0.45), humidity (p = 0.013; coefficient = 3.32), physical quality of the houses (p = 0.002; coefficient = 3.33), and dwelling density (p = 0.000; coefficient = 4.62) and the number of air fungi in the houses. There is no significant correlation between distance (p = 0.547; coefficient = 0.67) and the number of air fungi in the houses. There are correlation between air humidity, physical quality, density and the number of air fungi in the houses. It is expected that the society will improve the physical condition of the houses. The government is also expected to improve sufficient waste management system with sanitary landfill method.