Description of Serum Uric Acid Levels in Mid Elderly Patients Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus

  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
  • Cibabat Hospital
  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
Keywords: diabetes mellitus, serum uric acid, mid elderly patient, therapy.


Uric acid is a final product of nucleic acid catabolism which its level is frequently suggested to be correlated with glucose metabolism. However, several studies examined serum uric acid (SUA) level – Diabetes mellitus (DM) association are not consistent. The present study was undertaken to describe SUA levels in mid elderly patients diagnosed DM at hospital-X Cimahi City, West Java Province. This was a descriptive study, involving 30 patients diagnosed DM, without shorting out of under treatment patients or newly diagnosed patients. The mid elderly patients were in a range age of 45-59 years old, who were of either sex and randomly in number. Blood samples were drawn and were investigated for SUA levels. Data of fasting blood sugar was also collected as secondary data, taken from patient‘s medical record. The values were described to fasting blood glucose (FBG) levels, with several parameters involved. As much as 3.3% patients had serum uric acid levels lower than normal range, 66.7% in the range, and 30% higher than normal range level. Although normal SUA level group were dominant, the hyperuricemia group were also significant. The result of total data found no association between SUA levels with FBG levels with p-value > 0.05. This condition might be caused by several parameter involved, such as DM time period and DM therapy. The notion is proposed based on observed data showing 77.8% of patients with hyperuricemia were undergoing insulin therapy, which is confirmed by SUA level – therapy type association with p-value of 0.034. Furthermore study shows firm association between FBG level and UA level of insulin therapy patients only, with p-value of 0.01. Therefore, further experiment affirming insulin therapy – UA level association with comprehensive data is required.