The Factors Contribute to the Health Symptom Severity of Toll Gate Workers Exposed by the Vehicle Emission

  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
Keywords: Emission, Health Symptom, Toll gate worker


Transportation sector has been identified as the biggest contributor to air pollution compared to other sectors. In the big city, the contribution of motor vehicle emission reaches 60% - 70% as source of air pollution. Exposure to vehicle emission contributes to various health problems in urban area. This study was aimed to identify the impact of exposure to vehicle emissions on self- rated health symptom using Quick Environmental Exposure Sensitivity Inventory (QEESI). This study was employed 85 respondents of the toll gate workers in great Bandung area. The result of bivariate analysis showed that age and mask use significantly correlated to the symptom severity with correlation coefficient - 0.253 and - 0.273 ( P <0.005) respectively. Whereas the younger respondents tend to have the severe health complaints compare to the older, and those who are accustomed to using the mask tend to have lesser health symptom. This finding suggests that the use of personal protective equipment might become protecting factors for adverse health problem caused by vehicle emission exposure.