The Influences of Auditory-Visual Stimulation toward the Low Birth Weight Infant Growth

  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
Keywords: Auditori-visual, LBWI, Stimulasion


The low birth weight infant(LBWI) is the main factor in the increasing of mortality, morbidity, and neonates diabilily rate of infants and children, it contributes in long term to their future life.If LBWI did not manage well, it could cause problem on all body organ such as on respiratory system disorder, mental and physics and children growth (Health Dept of RI, 2005). The implementation of auditory- visual stimulation on low birth weight infants influenced the functional kortical mature of infants growt. The research aimed to identify the influences of auditory-visual stimulation toward the low birth weight infant‘s growthat Soreang Regional Public Hospital.This reseach used quasy- experimental design, onegroupPre-test and post test design 17 infants who had LBW had been taken by sampling purposive technique. Auditory visual intervension was implemented one time in 5 days. The observation sheets and visual auditory stimulation procedure were used as research instruments. The data were analized by using Wilcoxon test. Data analysis result showed that LBWI growth before given visual auditory was into category of hiden behavior; LBWI growth after given visual auditory stimulation was into category of closing behavior growth; and there was the comparative clearly between infant growth before given the visual auditory stimulation with infant infantgroeth after given visual auditory stimulation with p value 0,000.Nurse and family are hoped to be able to give auditory visual stimulation directly both as long as infants were cared at hospiyal or at home, because this intervension is able to increase infant growth who hadLBW. Besides that, to achieve the infant growth result. Besides that to achieve infant growth optimally is hoped maternal is able to give breastfeeding nutrient to infant optimally.