Social Predisposing Factor of Schizophrenia at Kersamanah Subdistrict Garut District

  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
Keywords: Social factors, predisposition, schizophrenia


The prevalency of mental health disorder in Kersamanah Subdistrict is higher than the prevalency of West Java, it is 3,2/1000 person. The highest number of the disorder is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia could be predisposed by various factors. Social factors predispose schizophrenia include marital status, education level and the job. This research aim to indentify relation between social factors with schizophrenia in Kersamanah Subdistrict. This research used a case-control design with two group of sample, one group of schizophrenia client (106 respondent) as a case group and public citizens as a control group (106 respondent). This research showed that unmarried and widowed person has 12,107 times higher risk than the married person for schizophrenia. Lower educational level person has 3,863 times higher risk than higher educational level for schizophrenia, and jobless person has 2,297 times higher risk than the worked person for schizophrenia. It is suggested to the head of Mental Health Unit of Puskesmas Kersamanah to conduct several health education about marriage and the importance of higher educational level, and conduct a social-economical enhancement programs for schizophrenic clients. For example a simple job training, or make a cooperation with social organization to give a job or some goods for work.