Factors Contributing to Workplace’s Support to Breastfeeding Employees

  • Stikes Jenderal A. Yani Cimahi
  • Universitas Indonesia
  • Universitas Indonesia
Keywords: breastfeeding, cross sectional, employees, manager, workplace’s support


One of the factors contributing to the low successful rate of the national exclusive breastfeeding is the lack of workplace‘s supports to breastfeeding employees (Harnowo,2012). This research further investigates what factors enable to this low support. Employing the cross-sectional approach, this research involves 130 company managers selected through stratified random sampling technique. Conducted in Cimahi, this research administers Chow Questionnaire (2009) in investigating manager‘s attitude toward breastfeeding. Furthermore, Pan-Asian Lactation Consultant Association (PALCA) questionnaire (2012) is administered to gauge the workplace‘s support. The findings show that the company ownership, whether it is public or private, and whether or not the company operates in health sector contribute the most. The company ownership, in this sense, the public company, is proved to demonstrate the greatest influence. The government should play a great role in supporting breastfeeding program. It is recommended that the government takes part in assisting, supervising and giving penalties to any violations in attempts to support breastfeeding in workplaces.