Attitude Effect To the Clean and Healthy Behaviour Children in Rawa Buaya 08 Elementary School

  • University of Esa Unggul
  • University of Esa Unggul
Keywords: knowledge, attitude, clean and healthy behaviour (PHBS), elementary school


Clean and healthy behavior (PHBS) is a behavior that is related to the emergence of infectious diseases. School-aged children are prone to health problems, such as worm infections and diarrhea. In 08 Rawa Buaya Elementary School it self has complained about the number of children suffering from diarrheal diseases. In fact almost 80% of children in grade IV and V SD claimed to have experienced the incidence of Diarrhea (Profile of Rawa Buaya Health Center, 2015). The local Puskesmas profile also recorded incidence of worms and leptospiresis is also prone to occur in this area. The objective of this study is to the effect between knowledge and attitude with the clean and healthy behavior in 08 Rawa Buaya Elementary School. The study population included 127 people from fourth and fifth grade in that elementary school assumed as the age when the children can answer the questions regarding clean and healthy behavior. The data was obtained from face to face interview using structured questionnaire. Data that collected was categorized and analyzed using chi square. The result of this study is there are not significant relationship between knowledge with clean and healthy behavior of children (P=0,095) and significant relationship between attitude with the clean & healthy behavior (P=0,003). This study shows that the importance of always teaching daily clean and healthy behavior that will lead to an intensity in the implementation. The role and encouragement of teachers and parents is very important in providing a basic understanding for children in order to form a good attitude.