Study of Chemical Compound Content and Analysis of Glycoprotein Pokea Shell (Batissa Violacea Celebensis Martens 1897) from Southeast Sulawesi Province as Immunomodulators

  • Mandala Waluya Health Science College
  • Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Halu Oleo University
Keywords: Amino acids, Batissa Violacea glycoprotein, immunomodulators, Pokea shell


Pokea shell (Batissa violacea celebensis Marten 1897) is a bivalve species originating from the Pohara River of Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi. Water stew of meat shell that has never been used, it actually contains glycoprotein compound that can act as immunomodulatory agents or as antitumor. The purpose of this research is to process, and analyzes the extract results of chemical compounds on fresh, boiled and dried pokea shell, and test the effectiveness of pokea crude extracts by extracting glycoprotein, and subsequently can be made into dosage as a crude extract that is made as a food supplement (supplement food). Extraction of glycoprotein from shell has been done, by boiling the shell for 30 minutes and 60 minutes. The amino acid composition of the glycoprotein was analyzed by FTIR. The results showed that the result of glycoprotein with a boiling time of 30 minutes is higher than 60 minutes of boiling time. The glycoprotein content rendemen of pokea shell with 30 minutes boiling time is 4,42 gram, and 2,7 gram of 60 minutes of boiling time. It can be concluded that the extract of glycoprotein of pokea shell meat done for 30 minutes resulted in more amino acid variety than for 60 minutes. Further studies are needed to determine the levels and composition of the glycoprotein carbohydrates, it is important to know about the health benefits of each type of carbohydrate contained in the glycoprotein when used as food supplements.